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Kindle Fire OmniGraffle Stencil

Download Kindle Fire Stencil v1.0

Make sure to download the Droid Font so everything looks accurate.

According to estimates the Kindle Fire has sold around five million units. If you already have an Android app it might be a good time to start thinking about moving it over to the Kindle.

To help you (and myself) start wireframing and prototyping your next Kindle Fire app I created this OmniGraffle stencil. Most of the UI elements I picked are just ones I used when working on apps for the Fire and some I though you might find useful. Please let me know if there are UI elements missing that you think I should add.

Kindle Fire Showing ZekeFranco.com

Location-Based Unlock Setting

I mocked up a feature that would take advantage of geofencing to allow a user to set up safe locations. When the phone detects that it’s in a safe area it won’t require a pin/passcode to unlock the screen. This way at home and perhaps work you don’t have to fiddle with the unlock screen, but if you lose your phone on the train it will require a passcode to unlock.