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My Session Notes from Chicago Web Conf 2012

Badge & Schedule for Chicago Web Conf 2012

Today I attended the second year of the Chicago Web Conf at 1871. These folks threw a great conference and really elevated the whole conference. The folks running the event video recorded the presentations so hopefully they’ll get those up soon. In the meantime I thought I shared some of the rough notes I took with some of the links I was able to round up.

Re-Invent 3.0: Augmented Reality

Last night I attended the IXDA meetup, “Re-Invent 3.0: Augmented Reality.” The speakers were Bruno Uzzan the CEO at Total Immersion and David Glaze the Group Creative Director at The Designory, Inc.

Both speakers gave great talks, but Bruno’s talk was very visual so the video below shows a few short clips from Bruno’s demos. Sorry about the video quality. I recorded it using my MacBook’s camera. The audio quality was even worse so I just removed the audio and added some music. Hope you enjoy and I’m glad I could share.