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Interviewed By Sonali Basak about The Designation

Our Designation crew and students are interviewed about learning UX.

In Chicago, It’s Hot to Study How People Interact Online

Kindle Fire OmniGraffle Stencil

Download Kindle Fire Stencil v1.0

Make sure to download the Droid Font so everything looks accurate.

According to estimates the Kindle Fire has sold around five million units. If you already have an Android app it might be a good time to start thinking about moving it over to the Kindle.

To help you (and myself) start wireframing and prototyping your next Kindle Fire app I created this OmniGraffle stencil. Most of the UI elements I picked are just ones I used when working on apps for the Fire and some I though you might find useful. Please let me know if there are UI elements missing that you think I should add.

Kindle Fire Showing ZekeFranco.com

Glass X – Smart Design Solution

Glass X makes housing glass which has a prismatic filter in between the panes to take advantage of the fact that rays of sunlight in the summer pass through at a higher angle than in the winter.

Building with Glass X

This is the sort of innovation you can come up with you when really think about a problem and the bigger picture (system) in which the problem exist in.

Read more about Glass X at ecofriend.org

Too Much Fun with the WYSIWYG

The manger is having too much fun with the WYSIWYG editor. This really does seem like good branding for a upscale wine store. But at least they resisted Comic Sans.

Designing for the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin

My new bible. Sorry Zeldman and Dawkins.

Designing for the Digital Age Book Cover

Mental Model Book

Tonight’s plan? Geeking out with a new book, “Mental Models: aligning design strategy with human behavior”

mental model book cover

Big Ass Drop-Down Menu

Big ass drop down menu! If users actually use this, then you have bigger problems. ~ via tweetie

Re-Invent 3.0: Augmented Reality

Last night I attended the IXDA meetup, “Re-Invent 3.0: Augmented Reality.” The speakers were Bruno Uzzan the CEO at Total Immersion and David Glaze the Group Creative Director at The Designory, Inc.

Both speakers gave great talks, but Bruno’s talk was very visual so the video below shows a few short clips from Bruno’s demos. Sorry about the video quality. I recorded it using my MacBook’s camera. The audio quality was even worse so I just removed the audio and added some music. Hope you enjoy and I’m glad I could share.

Zekefranco.com Color Scheme