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Interviewed By Sonali Basak about The Designation

Our Designation crew and students are interviewed about learning UX.

In Chicago, It’s Hot to Study How People Interact Online

TEDx WindyCity 2013

I attended my first TEDx two weeks ago. The theme for TEDx WindyCity 2013 was contrast.

Shape Your Thinking

My Session Notes from Chicago Web Conf 2012

Badge & Schedule for Chicago Web Conf 2012

Today I attended the second year of the Chicago Web Conf at 1871. These folks threw a great conference and really elevated the whole conference. The folks running the event video recorded the presentations so hopefully they’ll get those up soon. In the meantime I thought I shared some of the rough notes I took with some of the links I was able to round up.

IxDA Chicago: The Lo-Fi Design Workshop

The IxDA Chicago recently (05/18/11) held a meeting about Lo-Fi design processes. The meeting was facilitated and graciously hosted by the design agency gravityTank. The topic was broken into three main ideas: sketching, storyboarding experience and video prototyping experience.

Transformers 3 Movie Set

Transformer 3 Movie Set from the Lobby of Hotel 71

From inside Hotel 71

Chicago: Touristy Photo

Chicago theatre sign