Steps to Adding Value to a Commodity.

How to get value out of the unfortunate fact that nearly all bottled water is extremely similar in taste?

Five Types of High-End Water
Image Via Hyperallergic: LACMA Restaurant Hires Water Sommelier and Launches 45 Page Water Menu
  1. Pick the label/description that appeals to you.
  2. Have the sommelier tell you stories about each water you’re interested in.
  3. Narrow down your choices based on the stories you like. (scarcity, distance, craftsmanship, business model, chemistry, etc.)
  4. Buy the bottle that is slightly more than what you think you should pay for.

Congrats you’ve added value and an experience to a simple product. If this feel fake to you, remember that everything is perception. Nothing is truly objective, it’s just whether we all agree upon whether an attribute has a value that is relative or absolute and how broadly accepted the value is.

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