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Thoughts on LukeW’s iOS 7 Icon Survey

“22 polls comparing iOS6 to iOS7 icons found that across nearly 50,000 votes, people preferred iOS7 icons to iOS6 icons by 65% to 35%.”

Inconsistent Gradients

Luke’s article points out that most of the iOS7 icons were preferred when placed head to head against their iOS 6 counterpart, but perhaps by testing them in context (together on iOS 7) we’ll find that that’s where the dissonance sets in. Perhaps hatred towards the icons from designers, is a result of our critical nature while those who were questioned for the survey appreciate the novelty of new icons. Survey data always seems to bring up more questions then it answers, but I tend to always be more interested in the Why than the What.

Location-Based Unlock Setting

I mocked up a feature that would take advantage of geofencing to allow a user to set up safe locations. When the phone detects that it’s in a safe area it won’t require a pin/passcode to unlock the screen. This way at home and perhaps work you don’t have to fiddle with the unlock screen, but if you lose your phone on the train it will require a passcode to unlock.

Convert a Phone Number With Letters to Numbers for iOS Devices

Plainly marked up telephone numbers which contain letters can’t be dialed or saved on iOS devices. For example, the phone number 1-888-899-4VPI when pressed on an iPhone will try to dial 1-888-899-4. By combining microformats with jQuery you can create an easy to dial number for your iOS users.