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Do NOT Climb on the Noodle

For Your Safety Do Not Climb on the Noodle

Transformers 3 Movie Set

Transformer 3 Movie Set from the Lobby of Hotel 71

From inside Hotel 71

Chicago: Touristy Photo

Chicago theatre sign


Planning on changing the interactions on my portfolio pages this weekend.

Nishi First Flush Sencha

One of my favorite teas, Nishi First Flush Sencha. Very light but strong green taste. Almost spinach-like.

Nishi First Flush Sencha

Stuck in Traffic, at 1:40am. AWESOME!

Stuck in Traffic, at 1:40am. AWESOME!  

Stuck in LA traffic

Afternoon Snack Time: Edamame

Edamame on my desk

Konflux in the Park

Konflux in the park

Almost Time to Go to Sleep.

Nice Sunrise

Downtown Brea sunrise

Taking a Stroll

Taking a stroll in the park for lunch at Tricity park.

brea tricity park