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2011 National Restaurant Association Show

I went to the National Restaurant Association Show to check out some of the technology solutions available in the foodservice market.

It was really fun to go and I just wanted share a quick list of categories I saw in the tech space. I wasn’t blown away by anything too exciting. Most of the technology related products revolved around these topics

Bacon, Egg, Arugula Sandwich

Cooked: Opened faced bacon, egg, arugula sandwich on ciabatta bread. Opened faced bacon, egg, arugula sandwich on ciabatta bread

Cooking Some Chiptole and Habanero Braised Chicken

Cooking some Chiptole and habanero braised chicken thighs

Hot Tacos

Simmering some pork tenderloin in a jalapeno and fresh tomato salsa.

Late or Really Early Breakfast

Chopping up Some Produce for a Taco Salad

Prepping some onions and cilantro for a taco salad

Nishi First Flush Sencha

One of my favorite teas, Nishi First Flush Sencha. Very light but strong green taste. Almost spinach-like.

Nishi First Flush Sencha

Afternoon Snack Time: Edamame

Edamame on my desk

NY Strip Steak Lunch

NY strip steak with mushrooms, onions and mild Havarti cheese.

Plated New York Strip steak with mushrooms, onions and Havarti

Awaiting Kogi BBQ

In line waiting to order some #kogibbq. #secondDinner

kogi bbq truck
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