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Sleepy Bed Cat

sleepy batman kitty

Shot with the hipstamatic app on iPhone.

Lunch Mouse

Cute Little Mouse Trying to Get Some Crumbs from the Lunch Go’ers.


Batman Kitty

Sugar glider!

Found this pic from about five years ago, when I use to work at an animal hospital.

Sugar glider in Stephanie's hand


Patas the Kitten

Patas is a kitten we found in 90F+ weather a couple of days ago. He is polydactyl and is about 4 weeks old. He is up for adoption, and we have two potential owners. Below is a youtube video of Patas.


Patas (renamed to Bigfoot) was adopted today, Sept. 15, 2007, he is going to a great home, his new buddies will be Dianne and her golden retriever Wakko.

She has sent me some pics and vids of Patas in his new home. Here are links to two movies: Playtime & Forbidden Love.

Bigfoot and Wakko laying together

Photo taken by Dianne

Bigfoot sleeping in a Sock

Photo taken by Dianne

Siren Feeding

Music from Celestial Aeon Project. You can download their album free from or check them out on

Cat Food Mayhem

My Pets

Pet info.jpg


tea cat


Introducing Crumpet

Recorded 02-11-06 Crumpet page

This is an opossum named Crumpet, we mostly call her ‘PossumPants. She is about 6 months old in this video.

Music in video by “Art of Electronica” song entitled “March Of The Sun” (creative commons music)

Edited with Adobe Premiere (which I hate)