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Convert a Phone Number With Letters to Numbers for iOS Devices

Plainly marked up telephone numbers which contain letters can’t be dialed or saved on iOS devices. For example, the phone number 1-888-899-4VPI when pressed on an iPhone will try to dial 1-888-899-4. By combining microformats with jQuery you can create an easy to dial number for your iOS users.

New Typographic Nav Sneak Peek

Upcoming redesign of the portfolio section of my site. This in the secondary navigation that will scroll you to different sections of the portfolio. The typeface is Futura LT Bold. Faux ligatures were created using custom kerning

Also shared on Forrst. #DribbbleInviteNeeded

Bacon, Egg, Arugula Sandwich

Cooked: Opened faced bacon, egg, arugula sandwich on ciabatta bread. Opened faced bacon, egg, arugula sandwich on ciabatta bread

Four Great Object-Oriented JavaScript Resources

Beginning Object-Oriented JavaScript

The Basics of Object-Oriented JavaScript

Let's Create an Object

Object-Oriented JavaScript Book

Object-Oriented JavaScript Book Cover

Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript

MDN: Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript

Realistic, Velocity Driven, jQuery Slide Down Animation

Many drop-down menus animate by “sliding down” or more accurately having their height animated as a function of time. It’s a nice effect. But if you have a menu item that contains 15 links it will animate in the same time as a menu item that has two links. Which sometimes creates an odd effect. Each drop-down no matter the size will take the exact time to open. In everyday experience it takes more time to travel a longer distance than a shorter distance. I wanted to create a slide effect that took this into account.