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Typefaces have friends—they are just choosy.

Futura Medium with Rockwell Roman laid out on a 40px by 40px grid.

Useful Links to Educate Yourself About UX Design

Some useful links for starting a user experience design project:

These were some links I pulled up for a client of mine. Thank you Not all clients need to know this much detail, but I’m working with a business team that is very passionate about their business.

Baskerville Roman Italic Ampersand

This is definitely one of my favorite ampersands. I hardly use Baskerville for setting type, but I do like to just use its roman italic ampersand.

Concept: A Car that Travels at the Speed of Light

This a strong example of bad design. Rather than thinking about the problem the designer just tried to cram a solution into our current paradigm of cars that can cover a distance on a road quickly arrive at places faster. Regardless of what your intuition tells you the straight path isn’t the quickest way between two point when relativity is involved.