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Month April 2010

Finnish Metal Tour

Finnish Metal Tour was AWESOME! This is definitely my favorite concert in a long time.

Finntroll playing

Online Backup…

progress meter

Backup up online… 27.8GB left! 4 days, 12 hours to go. I need gigabit internet

Update: I canceled my Mozy account. It kept filling up my hard drive with “empty” data that could be erased. Forced me to do a reinstall twice. Crap! Now I’m using dropbox

Making Ideas Happen

More geeky inspirational reading, “Making Ideas Happen.”

Making Ideas Happen cover

Lots of Pretty Yellow Flowers Here

Wildflowers in Carbon Canyon

Lunch Mouse

Cute Little Mouse Trying to Get Some Crumbs from the Lunch Go’ers.


Meat, Meat, Meat

BBQ food at lucille's

Jalapeño Lemonade Mix

Jalapeño Lemonade Mix from Crate & Barrel

Analog Devices’ Sign

Not sure why, but I think this is cool. Building sign: Analog Devices

Guitar Tablature

guitar music tablature