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Open Quickly: Coda Quick Tip

Open quickly dialog in Coda

Panic has added a new feature in Coda version 1.6 called Open Quickly. It’s basically spotlight for the files within your site’s project.

To access Open Quickly use the shortcut command ctrl + Q. Then just start typing in a few characters of the file name or folder you want to access.

It breaks down your results into sections: Top Hit, Documents, and Folders. Use the up and down arrows to highlight your selection and the enter key to open the document, or folder. By default opening a document will open it in the edit window. Opening a folder will show the contents of the folder in the file browser pane. By right-clicking any item in the result list you can choose to reveal the item in the finder or Coda’s file browser pane.

If you not able to find what you looking for then click the gear icon in the lower left-hand corner of the Open Quickly window. Here you can adjust which folder Open Quickly is searching. By default the Open Quickly will search the local root folder you have set-up for the site your working on. It will allow you to choose any folder to search.