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The New Apple Line

Gradated Screens?

I was on a mission last night to check out the new Apple line up. I was set on testing the new Apple notebook screens. I focused on the screens because I was worried about the screen being gradated. Any one who has done design on a 20in. iMac knows what I’m talking about. The display washes out color towards the bottom of the screen. The 24in iMac doesn’t have this problem.

So I tested out the new Al MacBook and MacBook Pro screens. The gradiant was very minimal on the MacBook—pretty much a non-issue. The MacBook Pro has a clear screen very beautiful. The main difference between the screens seem to be saturation. The Macbook Pro’s screen has a better, more accurate saturation compared to the MacBook. The MacBook is slightly washed out. It’s very slight.

CC: iBuffet

I wasn’t able to check out the 24in LED screens, because they only had one and some creepy dude was on it the whole time.

So I’m still trying to decide on which Mac to get. I’m leaning towards the MacBook, because I really love the size. The MacBook pro seems so big to me, but I would love to have a dedicated video card and FireWire. I’m thinking that I’ll use the savings from the MacBook and put it towards a Mac Pro—I’m hoping for a redesign this spring.