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How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

Great article on how to make a small macro photography studio for only a few dollars out of household materials. Read more on the Strobist Blog

example of lightbox

July 4th = Fool’s Day?

I was browsing around the iTMS looking for some free music since it is free music Tuesday. When I look up I see MC HAMMER. Of coarse I have to click it because I’m like “what? He has a new album out?”. I thought it was a joke. So I follow the link thinking ok maybe this is some greatest hits album or maybe just one single that he did for whatever reason, but NO he has a new album out released today with 18 tracks. It is called Look Look Look. Even the cover art looks ridiculous. Now what is funny is that check amazon.com and they aren’t even selling it. I also check allofmp3.com and neither are they.

Well have a laugh and check it out for yourself by clicking the image above.