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Who invented the very first :-) on the Internet

Ever wondered where the first :-) came from? Microsoft research has been nice enough to post the dialog.

“The contents of the “joke” thread on the CMU CS general bboard that led to Scott Fahlman’s invention of the smiley are below. This was retrieved from the spice vax oct-82 backup tape by Jeff Baird”

Scott Fahlman also have the info on his page. Here he has posted the whole conversation.

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One of my best friends Junior at work

20 GB Photo Storage, slideshow w/ Music, & Free

If you like flikcr, but possibly want a new alternative or don’t like the fact that Yahoo bought them out. You may want to try Shutterbook. This is a website built on Flash 8 that allows you to upload your own photos, put them in albums, browse other users photos, and makes an rss feed for your page.

Some other features I saw that I like: full screen Gallery view, you can create private albums where one must have the albums password to enter, 20GB of storage, supports camera phone uploads, and you can upload .mp3 for when people look at slideshows.

This site is still in beta, but works well with Firefox 1.0.7 , Netscape 8, Opera 8.5. (note: I found that if your using the Adblock extension in Firefox you may have problems with the site)

The cool thing is if you sign up for an account (free) you get a lifetime premium membership which once out of beta will cost $49 us. So I signed up. Here is my page. So far I just posted some of my artworks.

Try it out and tell me what you think.

Introducing Crumpet

Recorded 02-11-06 Crumpet page

This is an opossum named Crumpet, we mostly call her ‘PossumPants. She is about 6 months old in this video.

Music in video by “Art of Electronica” song entitled “March Of The Sun” (creative commons music)

Edited with Adobe Premiere (which I hate)