Steps to Adding Value to a Commodity.

How to get value out of the unfortunate fact that nearly all bottled water is extremely similar in taste?

Typesetting for the Web Presentation

I finally got around to uploading a presentation I gave in 2011 on the basics typography and typesetting on the web. Luckily basic typography principles don’t change much. Although, the CSS section could be updated with another few slides added to it. Browsers supports a lot more typography related CSS now.

Mini Review of Pencil by 53

Today I received Pencil by 53. It’s incredibly comfortable to sketch with. Compared to the 10 other styluses I’ve used this one has the best feel.

Pencil by 53
The Pencil feels great in the hand!

Interviewed By Sonali Basak about The Designation

Our Designation crew and students are interviewed about learning UX.

In Chicago, It’s Hot to Study How People Interact Online

Twitter’s VP of Product, Validation, Storytelling and Sherlock Holmes

Michael Sippey at 1871

Today I attended a CEC Talk featuring Michael Sippey the VP of Product at Twitter. The talk was pretty fun so I thought I share some of the content I found interesting.

Thoughts on LukeW’s iOS 7 Icon Survey

“22 polls comparing iOS6 to iOS7 icons found that across nearly 50,000 votes, people preferred iOS7 icons to iOS6 icons by 65% to 35%.”

Inconsistent Gradients

Luke’s article points out that most of the iOS7 icons were preferred when placed head to head against their iOS 6 counterpart, but perhaps by testing them in context (together on iOS 7) we’ll find that that’s where the dissonance sets in. Perhaps hatred towards the icons from designers, is a result of our critical nature while those who were questioned for the survey appreciate the novelty of new icons. Survey data always seems to bring up more questions then it answers, but I tend to always be more interested in the Why than the What.

TEDx WindyCity 2013

I attended my first TEDx two weeks ago. The theme for TEDx WindyCity 2013 was contrast.

Shape Your Thinking

My Session Notes from Chicago Web Conf 2012

Badge & Schedule for Chicago Web Conf 2012

Today I attended the second year of the Chicago Web Conf at 1871. These folks threw a great conference and really elevated the whole conference. The folks running the event video recorded the presentations so hopefully they’ll get those up soon. In the meantime I thought I shared some of the rough notes I took with some of the links I was able to round up.

A Startup Lesson for Your Future Self

Startups and businesses can have a tendency to move from project to project in reactive way. They often prioritize their projects in two ways. URGENT! and later. This tendency can be thought of as dynamic inconsistency. Which is definitely a problem with many startups. Dynamic inconsistency, is a [behavioral] economics term which describe a situation where a decision maker—which could be a group of people, an organization, or an individual—is not in agreement with themselves in different points of times.

For example, a person who’s long term goal is to be healthy and fit may have set goals for working out three times a week, but in the moment (today’s decisions) they prioritize today’s wants has higher. Which leads to situations such as, “I’m busy today, I’ll work out tomorrow.” Dynamic inconsistency or time inconsistency play a role in procrastination, addiction, weight loss and even saving for the future. The main principle that I want to highlight is that it leads to thinking that today’s time is more valuable then the future’s.

TED Video: The Battle Between Your Present & Future Self

TED Talk by Daniel Goldstein

Kindle Fire OmniGraffle Stencil

Download Kindle Fire Stencil v1.0

Make sure to download the Droid Font so everything looks accurate.

According to estimates the Kindle Fire has sold around five million units. If you already have an Android app it might be a good time to start thinking about moving it over to the Kindle.

To help you (and myself) start wireframing and prototyping your next Kindle Fire app I created this OmniGraffle stencil. Most of the UI elements I picked are just ones I used when working on apps for the Fire and some I though you might find useful. Please let me know if there are UI elements missing that you think I should add.

Kindle Fire Showing